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Most childhood rare diseases have no cure, so living with a rare disease is an ongoing learning experience for patients and families.



I Give For Kids® and our partners are committed to supporting communities and family members impacted by childhood diseases through advocacy, education and communication. We are continually looking to build and expand our partnership network in an effort to empower more individuals and organizations to make a difference in the life of a child suffering from a disease, such as PANS/PANDAS, Kawasaki disease or a primary immunodeficiency.

As an I Give For Kids partner, you will have access to – and be supporting – a wide range of programs for patients, the public and healthcare professionals that are designed to raise awareness about childhood diseases.


Support Groups

For parents looking to start a support group or for information regarding their child’s illness, Abbie Cornett, our patient advocate, can guide you through the process of creating a community support group. She can also help you develop a strategy to advocate for healthcare treatment or reimbursement issues.

Partner Organizations

Partners are typically private or nonprofit healthcare, educational, charitable or community-based organizations committed to supporting children who suffer from a chronic illness and their families.

Benefits of Joining our Partner Network

  • We shine a light on your organization! We post your logo, mission statement and full details of your organization on our website
  • We build a long-term relationship with you that supports the work you do
  • We provide collaborative connections with others working with parents and their child who has a chronic illness
  • You will have access to our patient advocate who can offer you expertise in a variety of areas
  • We will share your story with our extended network through social media and a feature article on our website and in our IG Living magazine